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Air Conditioner Maintenance: A Critical Strategy for Surviving the Summer Heat

The last thing you want to deal with in the middle of July or August is an AC emergency — especially since you’ll be competing with so many other panicked homeowners for urgent repair services. The time to take care of your air conditioner is right now before small mechanical issues can create a huge emergency for you and your family. Let’s look at some of the potential problems you need to take into consideration.

Condenser Challenges​

Your AC unit’s outdoor compressor can get clogged by leaves or overgrown by shrubbery during the cooler months, impairing its efficiency. The thin fins that guide air intake into the compressor are easily bent or damaged. We can open up the grill, clean out the junk, and straighten or repair the fins.

Evaporator Issues

The dirtier an evaporator coil gets, the worse it gets at absorbing heat, giving you less and less cooling power. Meanwhile, the drip pan or other condensation-collecting elements can grow rusty, clogged, or leaky, potentially causing water damage and mold formation. We can perform the necessary coil cleaning while also making sure the drainage system is still doing its job.

Coolant Concerns

If your system is low on coolant, you’ll have to run your AC harder and harder to reach your desired temperature — if you can reach that temperature at all. The refrigerant used in air conditioning systems can only be recharged by a professional technician. We can use special equipment to test the coolant system for leaks, add fresh refrigerant, and make sure that any removed refrigerant is captured in an environmentally-safe manner.

Lurking Lubrication Problems

Your air conditioner contains mechanical moving parts, and those parts require a certain amount of clean lubrication to prevent part wear and premature failure. Our experienced technicians know how to inspect those lubrication points and add lubrication as needed. If we spot a part that’s clearly wearing out, we can swap it out with a new part to keep your system running strong throughout the summer.


Duct Distress

If your ducts are leaking cool air, you’re wasting money and probably feeling miserably warm. We can inspect your ductwork to locate and fix any leakages reducing your system’s efficiency.

Don’t wait for the dog days of summer to deal with air conditioner issues. Contact us today to schedule maintenance!

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