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Furnace Repair

A furnace is an essential component of your home. It ensures that you and your family are kept warm during even the coldest winter days. Unfortunately, the furnace often malfunctions if not correctly taken care of. So if yours isn’t working, it’s time to schedule furnace repair! And who else is better than our experts at Air Comfort Austin when it comes to repairing the furnace.

Furnaces come equipped with many safety features which can help ensure they’re running correctly regularly. However, if something goes wrong with these safety features or some other malfunction. In that case, furnace repairs are necessary to keep everyone safe inside their homes. 

Furnace repair technicians at Air Comfort Austin will diagnose the problem(s) and make any necessary adjustments to get your furnace back up and running again as quickly as possible; furnace repairs typically only take a few hours, but furnace replacement is an option if furnace repair can’t fix the problem.

Furnace Maintenance

Why Get Your Furnace Repaired ASAP

Furnace repair is a must because furnace systems provide heat and air conditioning homes. They provide the foundation of energy efficiency in a home. A furnace repair will ensure that your furnace runs as efficiently as possible and keeps you and your family comfortable. 

There are many reasons why a furnace may need to be repaired. Below mentioned are the three reasons furnace systems need to be repaired asap:

  • A furnace might have a pilot light problem, common with furnace systems installed before 1995. Many furnace companies used pilot lights instead of electronic ignitions when furnace systems were first introduced. Pilot light problems tend to be fixed by furnace repair technicians and furnace replacement.
  • If your furnace blower is not working properly, you might need furnace repair because the air will not be circulated throughout your home. This could be dangerous for gas furnace systems because carbon monoxide can build up in the home.
  • A furnace repair technician may also need to be called if your furnace filter is dirty or broken. If air cannot pass through the furnace, it will not work properly, and you might notice higher energy bills.

Our furnace repair technician will inspect your furnace to determine what is wrong. Once furnace repair problems are diagnosed, technicians can begin furnace repair or replacement.

Why Trust Us


Air Comfort Austin furnace repair technicians are the best in this area because they have been repairing furnaces for years. Our furnace experts will diagnose and fix your furnace problems quickly, saving you money on expensive furnace replacement costs. 

If you’re experiencing any of these three furnace issues: a pilot light problem, your furnace blower isn’t working properly, or your filter is dirty or broken, call us immediately at 512-909-1235.

We’ll be there as soon as possible to get things fixed so that you can keep your family warm during those cold winter months!

Furnace Repair

VIP Service Program

  • Pre-season tune-up (1 heating & 1 cooling. *See list to the above);
  • Priority Customer Status. What does this mean? Your needs come first. If you need service you will be our priority;
  • 15% off repairs (up to a max of $150 per repair);
  • Discounted service rate during normal business hours;
  • Up to 1 lb. of refrigerant free, if needed;
  • $50 towards a new system each year you sign-up for our VIP Service Program;
  • Improves efficiency and comfort in your home; reduces breakdown and utility bills.

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