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Mini Split AC Installation & Service In Austin, TX

Efficient & Hassle-Free Mini Split AC Installation In Austin, TX

Looking to stay cool this summer? Say hello to mini split air conditioning systems, also known as Ductless Split Air Conditioner. Unlike standard central air conditioners, these systems give you the power to customize the temperature & comfort of each room in your home.

Not only do mini split acs use less energy & operate quietly, but they are as effective as central air conditioning units in cooling any space.

Rely on Air Comfort System for exceptional mini split ac services in Austin, TX. Experience cooling comfort with our wide range of HVAC solutions for mini split AC systems.

Why Choose Ductless Mini Split AC?

Total Temperature Control

Unlike central AC units, mini split ACs offer homeowners precise temperature control in each room. With central AC, you adjust the temperature for the whole house. With mini splits, you can set the temperature for each room. Mini splits are ideal for rooms where installing ductwork is costly, like garage conversions. This is especially helpful in homes where residents often disagree on the thermostat setting.

Remarkable Effectiveness

A mini split air conditioner may not match the performance of a central AC system for room cooling. However, this is incorrect. Many mini split systems are just as effective in cooling rooms as central AC. Moreover, mini split systems often outlast central AC units. Although central ACs typically have a lifespan of 15 years, mini split systems can often exceed 20 years when properly maintained.

Energy Efficient

Their ductless design allows mini split AC systems to cool a room using up to 25% less energy than standard central AC systems. Plus, you can cool only the rooms in use instead of the entire house, giving you control over energy usage. Most mini split systems are ENERGY STAR® qualified for their energy efficiency.

Nearly Noiseless

Newer central air conditioning systems are quieter than older ones, but installing a mini split system is cheaper. Despite being in the same room, mini split systems have fewer mechanical parts & less wind, reducing noise. They are designed to operate quietly, often as silent as a whisper.

Our Process

  • In-home Consultation

Our team will personally visit your home and provide a complimentary in-home consultation to evaluate your requirements for a mini split system in Austin, TX. We will also consider the system’s power, performance, room suitability, budget & preferences for a ductless AC system.

  • Find The Perfect System For You With Our Help!

We’ll help you find the perfect mini split system for your needs. We consider your budget, desired temperature & room layout. At Air Comfort Systems, we prioritize matching customers with the right mini split AC system.

  • We’ll Install A High-Quality Mini Split System

We’ll schedule an installation time once we’ve agreed on a unit with the homeowner. Our white-glove service covers everything, from start to finish, including clean-up & performance testing.

The Advantages Of Mini Split Heating & Air Conditioning Systems

If you don’t have central air ducts, there are other options for AC & heating. Portable heaters & window AC units can be expensive. Ductless air conditioning & heating are often the best choices for homeowners.

  • Efficiency

Mini Split systems are as efficient as or better than standard central AC & heat pumps.

  • Ease of use

Air blowers mounted on walls provide whole-house cooling & heating. Use your thermostat to control a single unit or multiple units simultaneously.

  • No renovations

Traditional methods often involve extensive renovations to add ducts to achieve whole-home air conditioning. However, with a mini split ac system, a small hole in the wall is all needed to connect the refrigerant line to the outside unit, eliminating the need for major renovations.

  • Heating & air conditioning

Some ductless mini splits only cool, but ductless heat pumps both cool & heat.

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At Air Comfort Systems, exceptional service is our specialty. At Air Comfort Systems, we take pride in installing and servicing top brands like Bryant, Daikin, Carrier & Mitsubishi ductless mini split ac systems. But wait, that’s not all! We’re also here to cater to your needs, regardless of brand. Your comfort is our utmost priority!

Upgrade to a new ductless mini split ac system for comprehensive home comfort & improved energy efficiency. Schedule a repair or schedule tune-up with our dedicated team.

Contact our reliable technicians for HVAC services in Austin, TX. With decades of experience, we strive to demonstrate why countless customers choose us for all their HVAC needs.

Mini Split AC - FAQs

Why Choose A Mini Split AC System In Austin, TX?

Mini Split AC systems offer homeowners convenience, energy efficiency & precise temperature control. Plus, they are a great alternative to traditional central air conditioning units when ductwork installation isn't an option. And with our experienced technicians on hand for installation, you can rest assured your mini split system will be up & running quickly!

Are Mini Split AC Systems Superior To Central Air Conditioning Units?

Yes! Mini Split AC systems offer homeowners convenience, energy efficiency & precise temperature control. Plus, they are a great alternative to traditional central air conditioning units when ductwork installation isn't an option. Furthermore, mini splits often last longer than central air systems with regular maintenance.

How Long Does A Mini Split AC Unit Last?

With proper maintenance, mini split systems typically last 20+ years. Regular servicing checks ensure your system runs properly for as long as possible. At Air Comfort Systems, we offer HVAC repair services to ensure your mini split system is running efficiently & effectively. Contact us now to schedule a tune-up or repair!

Why Haven't I Heard Of Mini Split AC Units Before?

Ductless Mini Split AC systems have become more popular as homeowners look for ways to save energy & enjoy comfortable temperatures throughout their homes. Plus, they offer the convenience of controlling multiple zones in your home with one system. However, these benefits come at a cost, so be sure to factor in installation costs when deciding whether or not mini split air conditioning units are right for you.

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